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Wolverine Series Rumoured For Disney+

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It feels like an age since we heard that Marvel Studios were reportedly making a new X-Men movie under the title, The Mutants. Well, we have a new rumour that Marvel have another X-Men project focused on Wolverine.

Wolverine was a central part of the Fox version of the X-Men franchise thanks to the amazing portrayal by Hugh Jackman. He did such an amazing job that it would almost be impossible to recast the character. Many names have been thrown around over who could pick up the mantle. We ourselves have previously asked fans. One way around this would be to make the character animated, and according to That Hashtag Show Marvel Studios are in early development of a Wolverine series.

That Hashtag Show claim that the project is in early development and will be a “Wolverine Anthology”. The first series will act as an origin story and focus on the Weapon X program.

The most interesting thing about the rumour is that they believe Marvel will reveal during this year’s D23 event… Which has been cancelled…

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Well as with all rumours we will take this with a pinch of salt. We will keep an eye out for more on this rumour and if we hear more we will of course Let you know.

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