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Will Eternals See the Return of a Key MCU Character?

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Marvel’s Eternals might be a slightly more obscure area of the Marvel comics franchise, but that will soon change when the movie is finally able to release in theatres. So far the cast consists of characters that are all new to the MCU. Well, it now appears that we may get a familiar face in the movie.

While this theory is not new (we have in fact already hinted at the possibility), it is an interesting one none the less and one we now have more information on. Comic book artist and writer, Jim Starlin, who is the creator of Thanos, recently spoke out on comicbook.com’s Phase Zero podcast, about the possibility of Thanos appearing in Eternals. When asked if Thanos will return this is what he had to say:

I believe I’ve heard some rumors that he’s coming back in different things. I think I’ve heard confirmed from Marvel Studios is that he’s going to be… at least a guest appearance inside the Eternals, so he’s gonna be around. This is not anything I’m making up. This is something I’ve read somewhere.

Exactly how the mad Titan may make an appearance is another thing. In Avengers: Endgame we saw him die twice. First was when Thor cut his head off and second was the time-displaced version, who was “snapped” away by Iron Man.

Eternals is set after Endgame but does span thousands of years so there is a chance that we may see another version from an alternate timeline. The most likely option, however, would be that we see him pop up in the past stories of the group. Maybe a delegation from Titan to Earth with his brother Eros?

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Whether this turns out to be true or not we will have to just wait and see. Eternals will hit theatres in November 2021 unless there are any further delays.

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