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Who Were the Champions of Sakaar Before Hulk?

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In Thor: Ragnarok we see Thor entered into the gladiatorial games on the planet Sakaar, where he faces off with the Hulk, who is the Grandmaster’s Champion. After the fight we see a scene that shows the “Tower of Champions”, dominating the skyline, with the faces of the Hulk and the previous champions carved into it. But who are these figures and is there more meaning to them?


The elephantine face in the center is that of the tower is that of Man-Thing. A large and slow-moving humanoid swamp creature. Created when Dr. Ted Sallis took an attempted recreation of the “Super Serum” that created Captain America and crashed into a swamp where scientific and magical forces combine to create Man-Thing.




Ares is the Son of Zeus and the Olympian God of War. He was originally portrayed as a villain due to his lust for battle. He would revel in war and combat of all forms, not caring for sides or victims. Later on, he was seen more of an anti-hero and was even recruited into the Avengers.

Originally appearing as an enemy of Thor, the Alien beta Ray Bill eventually became an ally and was the first Marvel character outside of its Norse pantheon who was able to hold Mjolnir and eventually got his own version called Stormbreaker …….

Beta Ray Bill
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The Bi-Beast is an android with two heads, one atop the other, created by an avian race that were a sub-species of the Inhumans. For reasons unknown, that species died out, and the Bi-Beast was left to its own devices in their city. Years later, the creature sees the Harpy with Bruce Banner and is reminded of its former avian masters. The Bi-Beast captures them both and instructs Banner to fix the now-decaying machines in the city.

The first of the final 2 faces is of a lesser-known Hulk villain, Dark-Crawler. Dark-Crawler was an ancient enemy of the Undying Ones. A cult worshiping the Undying Ones sent the Hulk to his dimension hoping the Hulk would destroy him. 

The second face if of Fin Fang Foom, an extraterrestrial creature resembling a dragon. He is awoken on Earth by the Mandarin who uses him to threaten the Chinese government.

Fin Fang Foom

Is this all just more Easter eggs from Marvel or are we going to see more of these characters in the future MCU. Either way it would be awesome to see some of these in upcoming titles.

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