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Who is Starfox, AKA Eros of Titan?

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With the recent rumour that Marvel Studios still plan to use the character of Starfox, AKA Eros of Titan, we’re taking a closer look at the character. We will look at who the character is in the comics along with how and where they could introduce him to the MCU. We will also give our opinion on who we think could play him in the MCU.


Who is Starfox?

Eros of Titan first appeared in Iron Man #55 in 1973. He is a member of the race of Eternals based on Titan (one of Saturn’s moons). These Eternals are an offshoot of Earth’s Eternals that will be seen in the upcoming Eternals movie. Eros is the youngest son of A’lars (AKA Mentor) and Sui-San. He is also the younger brother of the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Eros has often been portrayed as more of a comedic character who is never really taken seriously due to one of his powers, which we will cover in more detail later. While living on Titan he spent the majority of his time as a carefree, fun-loving, womaniser, and adventurer. This was until Thanos attacked Titan for the first time.

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After his brother’s attack, he fought back with the survivors of Titan and eventually met the alien Captain Mar-Vell. He went on to meet Iron Man and Moondragon who with the help of Mar-Vell, joined the Avengers and went on to assist in the first defeat of Thanos.

Eros then spent time travelling to humanoid inhabited planets seeking pleasure and recreation. He eventually settled on Earth and spent time as a trainee under the Avengers. The codename Starfox was assigned by the Wasp. He went on several missions with the Avengers but eventually left preferring a life of romance and adventure, occasionally returning to assist the team.

During his times on Earth, he has been accused several times of using his powers to seduce women against there will. He was even taken to court where he was defended by She-Hulk.

After the death of Thanos, Starfox went in search of Gamora, believing his brother would be reborn in her body. This led to the creation of the Dark Guardians, creating an alliance with Ghost Rider and a rivalry with Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What are Starfox’s Powers?

Eros is an Eternal but as with all the Eternals from Titan, he is not as powerful as those from Earth. Nearly all his abilities are seen in most of his race but some he has trained beyond those of his peers.

Due to his body being enhanced by cosmic energy, he ages at a much slower rate than ordinary humans. Like all Eternals, his lifespan is measured in millennia rather than decades. He also has superhuman strength as well as resistance to harm and terrestrial diseases. His resistance to harm is much lower than most Eternals but like others of his race, he has exceptional healing abilities. Eros is also able to harness his cosmic energy giving him the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. Although he needs to breathe like any ordinary human he has a reduced need for oxygen allowing to pass through open space and underwater unaided.

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The power Starfox is notably most famous for is his ability to psionically stimulate the pleasure centres in nearby people’s brains. This makes him very persuasive as it allows him to calm emotion or make people more open to suggestion. It has been suggested that he can use this ability to make people become infatuated with him, an object or another person of his choosing. It is this power that has led to him getting into some tricky situations as previously mentioned.

MCU Starfox
Starfox AKA Eros of Titan

How Could Starfox Enter the MCU?

With the current list of confirmed releases, there are several areas that Starfox could be introduced. Let’s take a quick look at where we could see the Casanova of Titan make an entrance to the MCU.

The first and most logical choice would be in the Eternals, which is due for release in 2021. The original casting call did include Starfox but it has since been reported that he will not feature in this movie… Such a shame …

The next place he could be introduced is the series Loki. It is a bit of a long shot but the series is believed to follow Loki during his time after he escaped with the Tesseract in Endgame. We know that this will, in theory, be a completely new timeline so there is a chance to play around a little.

One series with a huge chance to introduce new characters is the Disney+ series, What If? This is an animated series and will show what could have happened if key points had happened differently. For example: What if Bucky had been given the Super Serum rather than Steve Rogers? Again this is a possibility but would at least allow an introduction.

Another place that Starfox could be brought in would be Captain Marvel 2 which is due for release in 2022. There is no plot set for the film yet, but it will most likely be set in space. Due to this, and the close relationship Starfox had with the original Captain Mar-Vell in the comics, this is another place that the character could be seen.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will likely see the team searching for Gamora. Again we are loosely basing this on the Dark Guardian storyline but there is a chance of the two teams meeting up while they both search for Gamora.

The last place we could see him arrive in the currently confirmed releases would be during the series She-Hulk. Again this is based on what we know of the relationships of the two from the comics. He could very well be introduced in the series and maybe even have his storyline adapted slightly…

Starfox and She-Hulk get romantic

Who Could Play Starfox?

The size of the role within the MCU will go a long way to determine who could be cast to play Starfox. Marvel has a track record for great casting. I mean who else could play any of the Avengers? But based on the comic images and his powers there are a few actors who we think could pull off the role.

The role would require an actor who is considered good looking – he is a womaniser after all. Strong and powerful with a lot of charisma. Based on this see our picks below.

Alexander Skarsgard – Skarsgard is undoubtedly a good looking guy with a fantastic physique. He played Tarzan so that should say it all. He also has shown he has a comedic side to his acting ability as seen in Zoolander (2001). He is also the son of Stellan Skarsgard, who you will recognize as Dr. Erik Selvig from Thor.

Skarsgard in Tarzan

Joe Manganiello – Joe Manganiello is another actor in peak physical shape. He is also not new to the Marvel scene as you may recognize him as Flash Thomson from Sam Raimi’s, Spider-Man. He has also featured in True Blood along with Alexander Skarsgard and Magic Mike with Channing Tatum.

Joe Manganiello

Joel Kinnaman – Joel is another actor who isn’t new to the superhero scene. You may recognize this Swedish actor as Rick Flag, from the DCU movie, Suicide Squad. He was also the lead role in the first series of Altered Carbon. Joel may be a harder one to see in this role due to the fact he is still contracted for the upcoming sequel/reboot of Suicide Squad.

Joel Kinnaman in Altered Carbon

Channing Tatum – Channing Tatum is probably one of the biggest actors on this list and is typically considered a heartthrob. Or at least by my wife he is… Anyway, he has played the action role before in G.I Joe so if this role was big enough he could be a good shout.

Channing Tatum

Tom Ellis – Tom Ellis is probably most notable for his portrayal as the comic book character – Lucifer, from the Netflix series of the same name. Personally I think he would be perfect for this role. Adding just the right balance of attractiveness, smugness, and comedy.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer

The above is all currently speculation and there is no confirmed evidence that Starfox is coming to the MCU. As we hear more news on this we will keep you updated as always.

But in the meantime, do you agree with where we could possibly see him enter the MCU? Do you agree with our list of possible actors? Where do you think we are most likely to see Starfox enter the MCU if he does? Is there another actor you think would be perfect for the role? Let us know in the comments below.

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