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Who is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Power Broker?

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has introduced us to several new characters in the MCU. One of these is the Power Broker. But who exactly is this mysterious character?

Who is the Power Broker?

In the comics there are two characters who go by the name Power Broker.

The first Power Broker was Curtiss Jackson. He was a professional criminal and executive with the crime organisation known as the Corporation. He later went on to set up his own organisation called the Power Broker Corporation (Power Broker Inc) along with a scientist called Karl Malus.

Malus’ speciality is experimenting on superhumans to augment the strength of paying clients to give them superhuman powers, like strength, durability and speed. The process is incredibly risky and most subjects wouldn’t survive or were severely deformed. While applying the augmentation they would use highly addictive drugs to keep those clients returning.

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When Power Broker inc. is attacked by the Scourge of the Underworld Jackson exposes himself to the augmentation process. The process doesn’t go as planned and Jackson is left so grotesquely muscle-bound that he is unable to walk.

After Malus betrays Jackson, Jackson has his legs broken but then rehires him in an effort to find a cure for his new condition. To find a cure Malus kidnapped several augmented individuals including Battlestar, which drew the attention of U.S Agent, John Walker.

Jackson, now using an exoskeleton in order to move was defeated by U.S Agent and Battlestar who destroyed their lab equipment and left Jackson in an over augmented state.

There is very little known about the second Power Broker except he wears a battle suit and can fire bolts of energy from his hands.

Power Brokers Powers

Curtis’s Jackson’s version had no powers until he was exposed to his augmentation process which gave him superhuman strength and durability. Dr. Malus invented an exoskeleton suit that gave him the ability to move and also the ability to fly.

The second version uses a battle suit and can project bolts of energy from his hands.

Power Broker Inc.

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As an organisation, Power Broker Inc. uses a special augmentation process to give clients superhuman abilities. Most of these individuals are then hired out to criminal organisations as henchmen.

The organisation was set up by Curtis’s Jackson and Karl Malus and some of their clients were U.S Agent and Battlestar. They also used the process on the criminal groups the Grapplers and the Power Tools. The augmentation services were also used by several wrestlers in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

Power Broker in the MCU

The events of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier seem to keep leading back to the Power Broker. He seems to be responsible for the powers that the extremist group known as Flag-Smashers wield.

As always with the MCU they keep fans guessing by mixing things up and using the comic storylines more as inspiration. An example of this is the doctor in episode 3. Where the Power Broker’s doctor in the comics is Karl Malus, the doctor in the series is Dr. Wilfred Nagel who in the comics was part of Project Rebirth.

The Power Broker is yet to be revealed so whether they go with Curtis’s Jackson version or the lesser-known successor is yet to be revealed. One thing is for certain, at the time of writing we can’t wait to see how the character and his organisation develop through the series.

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