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Who And What Are The TVA?

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TVA stands for Time Variance Authority. They are an agency that concerns itself with the monitoring of the various realities within the Multiverse, although they try to keep temporal involvement to a minimum.

The TVA work out of a particular dimension known as the null time dimension, where time cannot be interfered with. They have worked with various time travellers quite closely including Kang the Conqueror.

TVA hierarchy

The agency is run by its director Mr Alternity. Beneath him are various administrators, including Mr Mobius M. Mobius, Mr Orobourous, Mr Paradox, and Mr Tesseract. All of the Administrators are clones.

Beneath the administrators are a virtually infinite number of Chronomonitors. These are faceless men who sit before computers in the Hall of Chronometry. They are each assigned a specific timeline to monitor. There is a Chronomonitor for every timeline in existence, with a new Chronomonitor created every time a new reality comes into being. When time travel or reality warps occur within their assigned reality, the Chronomonitors alert the administrators through tachyon impulses, and the administrators determine how to proceed.

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The warriors of the TVA are known as the Minutemen, an army of soldiers produced via cloning and cybernetics who wear suits of power armour. The Minutemen are led by the Justices, temporal patrol officers with the authority to time travel and solve the TVA’s problems. The most famous of the temporal officers is Justice Peace, who was once sent to Earth-616 to eliminate the murderous Zaniac.

The TVA once employed a band of robots called the Incinerators to help maintain the timelines, but the Incinerators took their mission too seriously, causing massive damage.

They have also employed various freelance operatives when required.

The TVA has the power to end timelines, erasing them from history. They have also used their powers to incarcerate time travellers such as Arno Stark, the Iron Man of Earth-8410 circa 2020 AD.

The TVA in the MCU?

The only place in the MCU we know the TVA is going to show up is in the Disney+ series Loki. The first image we saw of this project was what looked like Loki in prison wearing an outfit with the TVA logo.

There are various rumours of characters that may be introduced into the agency in this series but the only one confirmed is Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius.

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Exactly to what extent we will see the TVA is yet to be seen, along with exactly which members we will see. One thing that will be interesting is how Marvel Studios deal with the intricacies of time travel. And the biggest question on everyone’s lips: WILL WE SEE KANG?

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