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Wesley Snipes Rumoured To Play Villain In MCU’s Blade

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The latest MCU rumour is that Wesley Snipes is in talks to play the villain in the MCU version of Blade starring Mahershala Ali. This latest rumour comes from Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity.

Wesley Snipes played the first live-action version of Marvels day-walking vampire, Blade in a trilogy of films. The film released in 1998 and is Marvels first successful theatrical film.

If Sutton’s source is to be believed then Snipes is in talks to play the villain. Exactly who this villain is, is yet to be seen but the most likely options would be Dracula or Abraham Whistler.

As stated this is just a rumour and this project is still early in development with no names attached to the project except the lead actor, Mahershala Ali, who says this movie will bring a darker tone to the MCU.

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We will keep our eyes on this story and update you as we find out more.

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