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WandaVision’s Place in the MCU Timeline Confirmed

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Spoilers for episode 4 of WandaVision below.

Episode 4 of WandaVision is here and as the teaser trailer suggested, everything has changed. During the episode, the setting switched from inside Wanda’s sitcom themed reality bubble to the real world where we had the chance to learn where WandaVision is set within the MCU timeline.

When the series was announced, fans were left to wonder where in the chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe WandaVision would take place. After all, Vision died during Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos removed the Mind Stone from his head. Unlike many of the other heroes who died during Infinity War, Vision wasn’t brought back to life by Hulk, as he had already died before Thanos snapped away half of all life.

Prior to WandaVision releasing on Disney+, Marvel Studios confirmed that the series would be set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Precisely how far wasn’t revealed. The first three episodes of WandaVision didn’t give away any clues as they were set as sitcoms from the 1950s, 60 and 70s.

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Episode four of WandaVision focuses on the real world and reveals what has been happening from the perspective of Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis. The opening scene of the episode shows how Monica was brought back into existence by Hulk snapping his fingers in Endgame. Shortly afterwards, we see Monica Rambeau returning to work at S.W.O.R.D. where she meets Tyler Hayward, the organisation’s acting director. In the following conversation, Hayward mentions that it is only three weeks since people that had been snapped by Thanos had returned.

Monica Rambeau is then assigned to investigate the strange events at Westview. When she is pulled into Wanda’s reality, it’s a safe assumption that her colleagues at S.W.O.R.D. would mobilize quickly to try and discover what has happened to her.

The evidence available confirms that the events in the series take place around three to four weeks after Avengers: Endgame, which sets WandaVision in 2023.

The only other MCU release between Endgame in April 2019 and WandaVision is Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2nd, 2019. Early in Far From Home, we see Betty Brant and Jason Ionello hosting the school news program which plays a video of school band members blipping back into existence in the middle of a basketball game. The film later points out that the events are eight months after the blip, setting it in Summer 2024.

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