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WandaVision’s Kat Dennings Reveals Possible Future Marvel Appearances

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WandaVision actress Kat Dennings who plays Darcy in the show has revealed that she may have a larger role in the MCU going forward.

In an interview with Extra TV, has revealed that he has been involved in some projects that aren’t WandaVision related. This comes as great news for fans of the character who haven’t seen her in the MCU since Thor: The Dark World. One thing we do need to note though is that Kat does not explicitly say these ventures are with Marvel.

Denning did manage to stop before revealing anything too revealing but did state she would not be involved in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder which recently started filming.

One place we would love to see Darcy would be in some form of a spin-off with fellow co-star Jimmy Woo, who is portrayed by Randall Park. Teen Wolf’s Stephen Ford has expressed his interest in an X-Files style spin-off involving Jimmy Woo and is looking to pitch the idea to Marvel. Darcy would make an ideal partner to Woo.

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If you are looking forward to seeing more of either of these characters then tune in to Disney+ next Friday, for episode six of WandaVision.

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