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WandaVision Writer Asked if Agnes’ Husband is Mephisto

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WandaVision has now shown three episodes on the streaming service Disney+, and viewers are spending the time between each episode looking for easter eggs and coming up with theories as to what is going on. The biggest theory is who the series’ main antagonist will be. The main name being thrown around, amongst others, is Mephisto.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Jac Shaeffer was asked about the potential arrival of Mephisto. When asked if Agnes’ Husband, who viewers have only heard mentioned and not seen, is in fact Mephisto he had this to say:

I cannot answer that” while explaining “there is not an Easter eggs staff member.

This non-answer is almost a confirmation. If there weren’t even a possibility of this happening, then we would have received a complete outright no. Again this is not a confirmation on the character appearing, but I would suggest keeping an eye out over the upcoming episodes.

Shaeffer also piled praise onto Marvel’s department heads :

There are so many people who have worked on Marvel productions, it’s a lot of talented people coming together and contributing their ideas that they know.

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WandaVision episode 4 is due out this Friday on Disney+, so stay tuned and we will break down all the Easter eggs, callbacks and details we find.

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