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WandaVision Season 1, Episode 7 Review

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In the latest episode of Wandavision, titled “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, fans were once again taken by total surprise! Episode 7 once again takes us forward in time, bringing us to a more modern-day, early 2000s era setting with an episode inspired by hit shows such as Modern Family and The Office.

In episode 6 we saw Vision attempt to break through the hex and save the people of Westview from Wanda’s magic. In doing so, he failed, and Wanda had to expand the hex to save him. In episode 7, it appears as if this “hex-pansion” is too much for Wanda to control, as we see things begin to change around her such as a milk carton, games controllers and decor.

Wanda’s self-imposed punishment of a “quarantine-style staycation” provides a good chance for characters such as herself and Vision to talk to the camera and tell viewers how they feel. This helps the audience connect to the characters’ emotions much more than has been possible in previous episodes. We are able to see that Wanda is depressed as referenced in the commercial as she just wants some “me time” in her pyjamas and a face mask. Wanda tells her sons at one point that she is “starting to believe everything is meaningless” and looks thrilled when her neighbour Agnes offers to take the twins off her hands for the day.

Vision Talking to Camera

“I don’t understand what’s happening… Why it’s all falling apart?”
“Do you think it’s maybe what you deserve?” replies someone we are assuming, is an
unseen crew member.

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In the meantime, her husband is on his own new adventure dealing with the circus that was formed on the edge of Westview out of the S.W.O.R.D. forces following the hex’s expansion. He reunites with Darcy who fills him in on everything that has been going on up to this point. Unsurprisingly, he fails to recall anything, however, he seems to feel empathy for everything Wanda has gone through and all the pain she has endured since the events of Infinity War/Endgame. Unsure what is real and isn’t any more, Darcy reassures him: “I’ve been watching WandaVision for the past week and the love you two have is real. You belong together.”

At this point, the episode switches its attention to the outside of the hex. We meet up with Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau who have made a breakthrough. They join a small group outside of the hex and we get our first look at the special vehicle created for them by the mysterious aerospace engineer, who is revealed to be Major Goodner. I think we were all a little disappointed to see she was just an aerospace engineer and not some ridiculous villain with a motive, or even another huge addition like Reed Richards.

With Monica now in the possession of a vehicle that she hopes can break her into the hex, she suits up and drives at a particularly underwhelming speed towards the red energy wall. Dramatically, the rover smashes into the wall and half transforms into a car. Worried, Monica makes a quick exit from the car. Luckily, she manages to do so just before the vehicle is pushed back and flies through the air before crashing to the ground on its roof. With the hope of entering the hex seemingly gone, Monica makes the brave decision to push through on foot. As she begins to push through the energy field, we see the different parts of her identity float around her while dialogue from Captain Marvel and her childhood resound around her.

It’s an exciting part of the episode as we watch her cells being rewritten once again, giving her new energy-based powers. This doesn’t seem to phase her at all as she continues to push through the hex and into Westview.

Unlike the first time Monica entered Westview, this time around she isn’t under Wanda’s spell and presses on with her mission. As she meets Wanda, she tries to reason with her and make her see her as a friend. Monica tells Wanda about the death of her mother which happened during the “blip”. She wants Wanda to stop hiding her pain and try to accept it and move on. As Wanda becomes annoyed, she once again uses her magic on Monica, however, this time around it doesn’t phase her like it did when she was thrown out of the hex the first time. Monica may not know that she now posses superpowers of her own, but she manages to hold her own, and even sticks a superhero landing that Deadpool would have been proud of.

Just when you think Monica is starting to get through to Wanda, Agnes appears and steals Wanda away from the conversation and into her home. While at Agnes’ home we can see that a visibly shaken Wanda is wondering what is going on. She looks at the cartoons on the tv and the half-eaten sandwiches on the table, but can’t see any sign of her children. Agnes suggests that they are “playing in the basement”. Most basements have a creepy vibe to them, but this one was especially so, with vines, winding passageways, strange ornaments and a spellbook all adding to the spooky atmosphere.

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That’s when one of the series’ biggest reveals to date happens. Agnes isn’t just some nice old neighbour that you can borrow sugar from every once in a while. Fans have been coming up with theories about her since episode one, and it seems we were correct. “Wanda Wanda… you didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town, did you?” Agnes says. What!? Finally, a villain is revealed. I was kind of sad it was Agnes all along as she has helped to lift the spirits of the show at points, but it seems like this was her plan from the start.

“The names Agatha Harkness, nice to meet you, dear,” she informs us before bouncing into her very own theme song which has been stuck in all of our heads ever since!

The new theme song reveals that Agnes has been behind all the strange mishaps that have been occurring in Westview. What hurt the most, however, was when she reveals she killed Sparky too! Our hearts were shattered!

Just when we thought we’d seen enough for one week, fans will no doubt have been delighted to see the return of the traditional post-credit scene that hasn’t been seen since 2019! Monica — who was still standing outside the house seemingly admiring the lawn — sneaks over to Agatha’s humble home and opens the doors to the cellar. As she looks inside at the basement stairs and the strange purple glow, she is confronted by none other than fake Pietro.

“Snoopers gonna snoop,” he says making Monica jump right out of her skin!

The ending leaves us with two of the biggest cliff-hangers of the entire series and will no doubt lead to many more unanswered questions ahead of next week’s episode.

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