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WandaVision Leak Reveals Superhero Costumes

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Each week the anticipation grows for the next episode of WandaVision. Each episode seems to reveal just a little more insight into what’s going on in Wanda’s pocket reality and after episode four we also know a little about what’s happening just outside. Some of the bigger questions are yet to be answered. It now appears that one of those questions may have an answer that fans of the show will be more than delighted with.

Episode two ended with Wanda finding out she was pregnant, while episode three was a build-up to her having the baby (well babies as it turned out to be twins). Any real comic book fan would have expected that, but maybe not expected her to have them in the space of an episode.

The latest leak shows the twins in costume. This leak comes from a post on Twitter that reveals a new Funko Pop double pack containing both Billy and Tommy in costumes that look relatively reminiscent of their appearance as Wiccan and Speed in comic books.

Something to note on this image is in the title of the pack. It specifically mentions Halloween, which we know will be set during the 90s episode. This would put the twin’s age somewhere in their teens. This could be a huge reveal meaning we will likely see the twins grow to maturity by the end of the season.

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Something else to note is the colour of Tommy’s costume. In the comics it is mainly green and white, where as this is blue. This looks like the costumes inspiration was taken from Wanda’s brother, Pietro’s (Quicksilver) outfit.

Episode 5 of WandaVision will be available on Disney+ tomorrow.

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