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WandaVision Episode 9 Runtime Leaked

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The final episode of WandaVision will release on Disney+ this coming Friday, and it looks like it might be the longest one yet. The update comes via Reddit user Plenty_Echidna_544 who has previously revealed the runtime of episode 7 and episode 8 on the MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit.

This week’s post states that the series finale will clock in at 50 minutes. This is three minutes longer than episode 8 which was previously the longest episode at 111 minutes. If correct, that will mean that the overall series length is 48 minutes shorter than the 6-hour benchmark that fans were expecting. As with previous weeks, Plenty_Echidna_544 offered to provide proof to a MarvelStudiosSpoiler moderator, which was later confirmed to be verified.

50 minutes long. ETA: WITH CREDITS AS ALWAYS

No tenth episode.

Battle between the Vision/Maximoff household and the big bad will take place.

No other info, no title or description. Please do not DM me asking to send proof or if I know any more info because I won’t respond.

Mods, reach out if you still need me to verify ☺️

With only one episode of WandaVision remaining, it will be interesting to see how Marvel Studios tie up the loose ends that remain. Episode 8 set up up the finale perfectly, revealing some key details and creating a mouthwatering showdown.

Episode 9 of WandaVision will be available on Disney+ this coming Friday.

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