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WandaVision Episode 6 Easter Eggs and Callbacks

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Following on from WandaVision’s Episode 5 Easter eggs and call-backs, we take a deeper look into those we found during Episode 6.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list but some of those that we found of particular interest or potential importance. Also if you have not seen this episode then there will be spoilers ahead.

Episode 6 is cracking open the peaceful persona that has been revolving around Westview. We are now seeing more and more cracks in the apparent control that Wanda has over the pocket reality. Meanwhile, outside the Hexagon, all within S.W.O.R.D. is not quite what it seems. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the key Easter Eggs, callbacks and important details we found in Episode 6.

Sitcom Style

This week’s inspiration seems to have been taken from the hugely popular series, Malcolm in the Middle. The style starts off very light-hearted with the twins being careful not to wake up “Uncle Pete”. The show then moves on to the town’s Halloween party and things get a little weirder from there.


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One of the first big Easter Eggs here is the Halloween costumes. Wanda, Vision, Pietro and the twins are almost all in costumes that are comic book accurate.

The most exciting is Billy in his Wiccan costume and Tommy in his Speed Costume. This is one of the first telltale signs that the twins will get their powers, which they do in this episode.

One of the other key costumes here is that of Agnes who is dressed as a witch. Is this yet another clue to her real identity? Is she going to turn out to be Agatha Harkness? Could she actually be another famous Marvel witch, Morgan Le Fey?

Cinema Double Feature

The two show’s that are displayed at the entrance to the theatre are huge Disney Easter Eggs. They pretty much place this episode in the 1995-2005 era. They show Parent Trap, which was released in 1998 and is about two long lost twins. The other movie is a 2004 blockbuster about a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life, called The Incredibles.


We saw the American accent of Wanda drop and the Sokovian accent return last week when Wanda left the Hexagon. This week she asks Pietro where his accent is and he asks the same of her. This shows that he is fully aware of the fact that not all is as it seems in this pocket reality. Pietro also notes that he should be dead after being “shot in the street like a chump” and that he knows Wanda is somehow controlling things. The conversation also reveals that Wanda is not entirely sure how she is doing it. There is also a scene, similar to a previous one of Vision, where Wanda sees Pietro dead and filled with bullet holes.

The effects of leaving The Hex

Darcy points out to Monica that her body’s cells have literally been re-written on a molecular level. This could be the big indication that Monica is on her way to gaining her superpowers and becoming, Photon.

The Twins Powers

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As mentioned earlier the twins receive their powers in this episode. The interesting thing is that one receives the power of Quicksilver and the other the power of Wanda. While this is comic book accurate, there is another clue that may just be a small Easter Egg but may be revealing more about what is going on. This clue is delivered by Pietro in a very casual way when he jokingly refers to the twins as “Demon Spawn”. Is this a reveal that we may see Mephisto show up as the real villain of the series?

While these are certainly not the extent of the Easter eggs and Callbacks in this episode, these are the ones that stood out most to us. If there are any you think we missed let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to tune into Disney+ next Friday to watch episode seven.

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