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WandaVision Episode 3 Easter Eggs and Callbacks

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WandaVision episode three is here, and it is filled with minor and major details referencing both the comics and the MCU. This list will be going over some of those details that could have a large impact on the future of the MCU. Also, this list will go over some of those details that are just fun callbacks. As a warning, there are spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the third episode yet, I advise you to open a new tab, watch the episode, then come back. If you’re okay with the spoilers, then let us get into it. These are some of the top easter eggs and callbacks from WandaVision episode 3, “Now in Color”.

Episode 3 Intro and Inspiration

The opening theme to the third episode of WandaVision starts out with multiple references to 70’s sitcoms. The visuals take inspiration from The Brady Bunch, with the grid at the beginning, but instead of squares, they’re hexagons. Also visually, Marvel uses inspiration from the classic sitcom Three’s Company when it shows all the bike riding around. Audibly though, the theme song itself sounds a lot like The Partridge Family theme from their first season.

WandaVision Episode 3 Intro

The Children

Finally, the children are here, and they have been confirmed to be Tommy and Billy. In earlier articles, we inferred that the twins that were shown in the trailers would be Tommy and Billy, but now we know for sure. We saw the progression of Wanda’s pregnancy through this episode as explained by fruit. Weird statement, I know, but it makes sense.

The doctor explained how he explains the size of the child during pregnancy as a fruit because it’s simple for the wife to understand. No, really, he did. Looking past the 70’s sexism, WandaVision uses that explanation as visual cues for the audience. The doctor explains that at five months, the child is about the size of a papaya. Shortly after the doctor leaves, we see that Wanda has grown slightly and knocks over a papaya that Vision catches. Then, the doctor says that at seven months, the child is about the size of a pineapple. Later on in the scene, we see the pregnancy is further along when Wanda is cutting a pineapple. 

The Butterflies

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I wanted to give the butterflies its own section because that small detail was a huge moment for the MCU. As quick as the scene was, and how cute it was, it was nothing short of incredible. With just one word, Wanda transformed these fake butterflies into real breathing creatures. This was also completely by accident. Imagine what she could do if she says something she means to say. It’s no secret that Wanda is the most powerful Avenger, if not character in general. I think we saw some of how powerful she is with those butterflies.

The Glitch

During a genuine moment between Wanda and Vision, a small glitch happens. After Vision comes back inside from experiencing a weird conversation with Agnes and Herb, Vision tries to talk to Wanda about it. He mentions how this is all weird. Wanda is shown looking almost scared, but then the show glitches back to when Vision comes to Wanda. He has this new tone, and even the music is lighthearted now. This moment was like a shorter version of when Wanda turned back time when her and Vision saw the Beekeeper. The audience is left to wonder if Wanda had caused this glitch, or another being entirely.

The Commercial

This episode of WandaVision featured a commercial advertising the product “Hydra Soak.” A new soap that helps you get away when you don’t want to go anywhere. The tagline for this new product is “Find the Goddess Within!” As subtle as this product is in referencing the MCU, it holds a small comic detail. “The Goddess Within” could reference the Marvel witch goddess, Hekate. In James Robinson’s comic run of Scarlet Witch, we learn that Wanda and Agatha both got their powers from Hekate herself.

Agnes and Herb

As Vision is walking back into the house after escorting the doctor out, he sees Agnes and Herb talking to each other. They are speaking in whispers while looking at the house and Vision. As they try to look natural, Vision walks up and starts a conversation with them. In this conversation, Agnes warns Vision about Geraldine and says that she is an outsider. Agnes says that Geraldine doesn’t have a home there. Herb tries to tell Vision about the town and the people by saying “She came here because we are all…” but Agnes cuts in and tells him to stop it. The same as when Mrs. Hart was telling them to stop it in the first episode. We can assume that Herb was going to say trapped, but we’ll have to wait for the coming episodes to find out.

Geraldine and Wanda

As Vision is outside speaking to Agnes and Herb, Geraldine is inside with Wanda and the children. As Wanda looks at her twins, she mentions how she used to have a twin brother called Pietro. Geraldine asks Wanda if he was killed by Ultron. This stopped Wanda in her tracks and she asked Geraldine what she said in an eerily calm tone. After asking a couple of times, Geraldine seems shocked but says that she said Wanda is a strong Woman. Wanda says no when asked again.

A couple scenes later, we see Geraldine being pushed out of that reality to an area swarming with people and a helicopter. The detail to focus on during this scene is when Geraldine was pushed out, she was still in her 70’s outfit. This could mean that whatever happens in the sitcom reality, could be brought over into the real reality. Anything that happens in that world could be brought over.

Monica Rambeau WandaVision
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That’s it for episode 3 of Wandavision and we know there will be lots more that we didn’t spot. Stay tuned for our episode 3 review coming soon. We’ll see you next week when episode four of WandaVision releases on Disney+.

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