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WandaVision Episode 2 Easter Eggs and Callbacks

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Following on from the Easter eggs and callbacks in Episode 1 of WandaVision, we will take a look at the ones we found in the second episode.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list but some of those that we found of particular interest or potential importance. Also if you have not seen these episodes then there will be spoilers ahead.

Episode 2 Intro and Inspiration

The obvious inspiration for this episode was Bewitched. From the opening animation to the style of the theme song it had that same nostalgic feel. Again the theme song was written specifically for this episode.

Episode 2 Easter Eggs

As previously mentioned there was plenty of Easter eggs that could be seen in this episode and there will be many that we didn’t notice. Of those we did notice these are the ones, we consider having the most importance.

Supermarket Signs

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In the animated credits, the supermarket has various products advertised. One of these is for a product called Bova Milk. This is a reference to Wanda and Pietro’s midwife in the comics who was a super-evolved cow. Another poster shows a product called Aunty A’s Kitty Litter which is surely a reference to another comic character, Agatha Harkness.

The Grim Reaper

This is another Easter Egg that can be seen during the opening credits. There is a scene where Vision passes through the floor and we get a glimpse between the floorboards. On the left, there is a helmet among the bones there. This looks a lot like the helmet of The Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper was the brother of Wonder Man, who’s brainwaves helped create Vision in the comics.

Toy Helicopter

There is a scene here where Wanda finds a toy Helicopter in the bushes of her front garden. The importance of this is not entirely clear but this is the first things we see in colour in the series. The helicopter is also in the same colours as Iron Man’s suit and contains a S.W.O.R.D logo.

Big Red

The brand of chewing gum that Vision eats is called Big Red. This was the working title for this project while filming in Atlanta. Whether this is just a nod to that or something more we are as yet unsure. There is a possibility that this could even be a reference to Mephisto who a lot of fans believe will be the main villain of the series.

Glamour and Illusion

During the talent show, Wanda and Vision take on the stage names Glamour and Illusion. In the comics, they were a couple who were neighbours to Wanda and Vision. They had a magic act and would use superpowers to pull off their magic tricks.

TV Commercial

The TV commercial in this episode advertised a watch by Strucker and Hydra. Any fan of the MCU will know that Hydra is the counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D. Strucker was the Hydra scientist who was responsible for the experimentation on Wanda and Pietro, as revealed in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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These ads seem to have a running theme. It appear as though they refer to Wanda’s origins. The first episode seemed to reference the Stark Industries bomb, while this references the way in which she gained her powers.

Well, that’s it for episode 2 and we know there will be lots more that we didn’t spot. Stay tuned for episode 3 and let’s see what easter eggs we can spot in that episode. If in the meantime you want to see what we thought of the opening 2 episode why not check out our review here.

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