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WandaVision and Loki Creating “House of M” in Reverse?

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With the events of the season finales of both WandaVision and Loki, could the MCU be building the House of M storyline, but in reverse?


House of M was a comic storyline, that ran for eight issues in 2005. It saw the Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, sends Earth 616 into an altered reality. After Wanda loses her children she tries to alter the fabric of reality in order to recreate them, and suffers a mental breakdown.

Not long after she sends the entirety of Earth into an alternate reality where Humans are ruled by Mutants and the Mutants are rules by Magneto and his family known as the “House of M“. Everyone on Earth is under the control of Wanda’s illusion, except Wolverine who retained all his previous memories.

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The story unfolds from there but we won’t go into detail as the series is well worth a read for those that haven’t already done so. But the story ends with Wanda breaking the illusion while whispering the words “No more Mutants”.

when people start awakening in the real world the number of Mutants with powers has decreased from a few million to a few hundred, thus ending the growing influence of Mutants on Earth.

House of M – 2005

How Does This Play Into WandaVision and Loki?

While the storyline is fantastic, it isn’t one that the MCU can follow. For a start, there are no confirmed Mutants in the MCU (Well except the unofficial one in Black Widow). This means that the MCU cannot simply end the existence of Mutants. It is obvious though that the MCU took inspiration from the comics series for the WandaVision series. There were several Easter Eggs throughout the show that led viewers to believe the House of M storyline was being played out in one form or another.

When the MCU started, the rights to the X-Men (Marvels most famous Mutants) was held by Fox. These rights recently reverted back to Marvel Studios with Disney’s acquisition of Fox. This leaves Marvel the headache of trying to introduce Mutants into the MCU without losing credibility, meaning they can’t just appear, having been in the background without getting involved in any of the events from the previous films.

WandaVision though, can set the events in motion for the studio to start introducing the Mutants. Using the powers of the Darkhold, Wanda can create a reality where she and her family are safe and together, similar to the reality in the show. This could then link directly in to the events of Loki’s first season.

The events of Loki led to a break in the timeline, creating branched realities. One of these realities could be the one Wanda creates. The upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will deal with the events of both series. Maybe after Strange has managed to get the timelines back in check and down to one singular timeline, that world is not the same as the one we knew before. Maybe this new world has characters in different positions in life. Almost a What If? scenario.

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While House of M ended the potential for Mutants on Earth 616, maybe Wanda, Loki and Doctor Strange will create the opportunity for Mutants to appear on the new altered MCU timeline?

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