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Two New Trailers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Marvel Studios’ debut series on Disney+ ended when the WandaVision finale released on Friday. Fans don’t have too long to wait for the next instalment in phase four of the MCU, however, as the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives in under two weeks.

If previous trailers are anything to go by, TFatWS is likely to include plenty of action, with Anthony Mackie describing the show like a 6 to 8-hour long MCU movie. Fans can also expect some twists and turns along the way, with Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter in the series, recently confirming that there are “multiple levels” to that show.

Ahead of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s debut episode later this month, Marvel Studios has released two new trailers that give us a new look at the series. The first video is titled “Coworkers” and shows some fresh footage of Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) in action. You can check it out below:

Another shorter video released on Twitter for the series features a familiar line from Steve Rodgers during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the trailer, Sam Wilson says: “A good friend of mine once said: ‘The price of freedom is high.'” You can watch the short teaser below:

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The series will see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes coming to terms with the loss of Captain America following the events of Avengers: Endgame. They will be joined by returning MCU characters Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), and James Rhodes/War Machine (Don Cheadle).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere on Disney+ on March 19th.

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