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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Bring Back Some Early MCU Characters

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Filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is back underway in Prague. At the present time, we still don’t know when we’ll be able to watch the show on Disney+, but that hasn’t stopped Derek Kolstad talking about the show.

The writer appeared on the latest episode of the Script Apart podcast to discuss his work on John Wick. During the interview, the conversation switched to Kolstad’s next project, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We already know that the six-part series will bring back Daniel Brühl’s Zemo, Georges St-Pierre’s Batroc the Leaper and Emily Van Camp’s Sharon Carter. Kolstad also teased that some older MCU will be making an appearance.

What I will say is that there are characters from the earliest Marvel movies that are coming back. We’re layering them in and reinventing them in a way that’s gonna shift the storytelling structure. It’s f**king awesome.

Kolstad wouldn’t go as far as to specifically name which characters might be making a return, but it’s easy to imagine that some of them will be from all the way back in phase one of the MCU. The most popular rumours circulating at the moment are that we could see villains such as Abomination or Justin Hammer return. If the series features any flashback scenes from Bucky’s perspective, we could also see some of the Howling Commandos.

The writer also confirmed that production for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now drawing to a close after filming was delayed in March due to COVID-19. Kolstad added:

They got hit by Covid and they’re finishing up finally, but that’s going to be f**king cool. I’m very honored and I’m proud at what that came to be.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier doesn’t have a release date yet.

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