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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 6 Easter Eggs

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The final episode of the debut season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier aired on Disney+ and with it, fans have been treated to the usual Easter eggs and callbacks we have come to expect from the MCU.

Please note the following article will contain spoilers, so if you have not yet seen the season finale, we suggest you watch it before reading on.

The final episode of the season kicked off right where the last one left off. With the Flag Smashers invading the GRC meeting in New York, and this is where we will kick off with this episode’s Easter Eggs, callbacks and details.

New Captain America

After the invasion and subsequent evacuation of the GRC meeting, we see Falcon and Bucky attempt to stop the attack of the Flag Smashers. This is where we find out what was in the box that Sam opened during the last episode. His new suit. But not just any suit. Sam is revealed to have a pretty comic book accurate Captain America suit complete with wings.

Captain America on the Moon

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After smashing through a window, one of the GRC members asks Sam who he is, to which he answers, Captain America. The reply is a great call back referencing the first episode of the series, with a man saying “I thought Captain America was on the Moon”.

New Redwing

After Redwing was destroyed earlier in the series, it was good to see it return (although we were still gutted it wasn’t a real falcon). The new tech from Wakanda was well displayed on Redwing as it was used for various tasks throughout this episode.

Hawkeye reference?

During the aerial dogfight, we see a large ship carrying containers with the Echo written on the side. Is this a reference to the upcoming Hawkeye series and it’s spinoff? Both will feature the new character, Echo.

The Black Falcon

There is a great callback to the kid in Baltimore who calls Sam the “Black Falcon”. Sam corrects the kid saying it’s just Falcon. Here we see him referenced as the Black Falcon again, only the correction this time is from another onlooker who says, “No, that’s Captain America!”

Sharon Carter is Power Broker

During the standoff between Sharon Carter any Karli, it is revealed that Sharon is in fact the Power Broker. This has been a fan theory for a couple of weeks now. Whether you guessed this or not, I’m sure you will agree it’s good to finally found out the identity of the mysterious villain.

“I’m not interested in power or an empire”

During the same standoff, Karli comes out with above powerful line. This is at first sight another hint at the Flag Smashers ideals. If we look a little further though this could be another indication of the true intentions of Sharon Carter.

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We know that the MCU is building up for the Secret Invasion storyline. Could it be that Sharon is actually a Skrull and using this organisation to help with the Invasion?

“I’m not gonna fight you”

During the fight between Karli and Sam, Sam refuses to fight back. This is a huge callback to the fight between Steve Rogers and Bucky during Captain America: Winter Soldier, where Rogers refuses to fight back against Bucky.

The Raft

The Raft was mentioned previously when the Dora Milaje took Zemo. You will probably remember the Raft as the high security prison from Captain America: Civil War. Could this be where Zemo starts to build the Thunderbolts?

Return of Contessa

After her brief cameo in episode 5, we finally saw the return of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. She seems to be recruiting John Walker on behalf of another entity although exactly who is yet to be seen.

“We’re not gonna need Captain America, we’re gonna need a U.S. Agent”

The series has given John Walker quite the ride. His character arc has been amazing and in the end we kind of liked him. For those who know him in the comics, he was not only Captain America for a time but also U.S. Agent. As if the change in costume (even if only slightly different) wasn’t enough, Val actually calls him U.S. Agent just to confirm his new identity.

Sharon’s Pardon

So Sharon did get the pardon that Sam promised her. But after the reveal she is the Power Broker, is giving her back her agent status the best idea? And also who was talking to on the phone? Val? It could have been but I’m sure we will find out at some point in the future.

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So like the rest of the season, the finale had some great Easter Eggs and callbacks. As to what may follow we will have to see. The series asked and answered a ton of questions but still left some unanswered. These will most likely be answered in an upcoming show or movie. Possibly the recently teased Captain America 4?

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