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The Cast of “The Incredible Hulk” is Growing

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With only Edward Norton confirmed on the roster so far for the upcoming Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk, we have been eagerly awaiting confirmation of more cast members. Well the wait is over and the news is all good.

The role of Betty Ross has gone to Liv Tyler. You will most likely recognize Liv from “Lord of the Rings” or “Armageddon” amongst other films. It is no surprise to see Jennifer Connelly, not return after the last Hulk movie, and with this film promising more action than the last, I’m not unhappy with the decision to cast Liv.

Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings

The other cast member confirmed is Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs), who will be playing ex-KGB super villain Emil Blonsky … a.k.a. ABOMINATION.

According to Comic book lore, Blonsky turns into a Hulk-like Mean Machine known as Abomination, after deliberately exposing himself to the same radiation as Banner. Unlike the Hulk, however, Abomination can not revert back to human form and Blonsky ultimately blames Banner.

Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs
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Those familiar with the comics will know that Blonsky has a history with both The Hulk and Betty Ross (If you know what we mean), so it will be interesting to see how screenwriter Zak Penn approaches this in the script.

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