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Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie Spotted on Set of Thor 4

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Tessa Thompson has been spotted alongside some familiar faces and some strange animals on the set of Thor 4.

Thor: Love and Thunder has been filming for a while now and we have had several images to date of the sets and actors. We recently got to see who the mysterious character Matt Damon was playing and also treated to a surprise that Melissa Mccarthy will also feature in a small role. Prior to that we had images of strange aliens and also a goat. A giant goat.

Fans of the comics speculated the goat would possibly be an amalgamation of the two goats Thor uses to pull his chariot. New set images reveal a second goat so we now know we will get to see Toothnasher and Toothgrinder.

Among this latest group of leaked images which come courtesy of Twitter user @lovethundernews, we also got to see Tessa Thompson who is sporting a new haircut and wearing bright blue casual clothes. She appears to be arriving at the scene of the play that previously revealed Matt Damon and others as nothing more than actors. Thompson also appears to be carrying some form of prop for Miek who is without his exoskeleton.

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There is some uncertainty over the use of the goats as these are used by Thor in the comics to travel the nine realms but he can already do that with Stormbreaker. It may be that these goats are used by Valkyrie rather than Thor.

However the goats are used in the movie we will have to wait and see. The movie is expected to release in February 2022 and I’m sure we will get plenty more insights between now and then.

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