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Hugh Jackman Teases Deadpool 3 Cameo

Phase four of the MCU is well under way and with it we will be introduced to more projects than we saw during all of the Infinity Saga. One of the more highly anticipated projects, will be the third installment of Ryan Reynold's Deadpool.

Rumour: Hugh Jackman Considering Wolverine Return

Hugh Jackman bowed out of his role as Wolverine after Logan back in 2017. It was a fitting end to a role he truly made his own, but the latest reports suggest that Jackman may be open to returning to the play the character in an upcoming MCU project.

Rumour: Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to Get Animated Series

We have had very little news regarding Deadpool 3 but we have now heard a new rumour of an animated series featuring Reynolds' Deadpool.

David Leitch Open to Directing MCU’s Deadpool 3 if the Opportunity Came Up

Deadpool 2 director David Leitch has revealed that he would entertain directing Deadpool 3 if the opportunity came up.

Deadpool And Blade Updates From Marvel Boss

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige gave an update on the project on 24th February during the TCA press tour, while discussing the strategy Marvel is making to release more adult-oriented projects.

Ryan Reynolds Reveals that Deadpool 3 Was Going to be a Roadtrip Movie with Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds has revealed that Deadpool 3 was going to be a Deadpool and Wolverine road trip movie.

Kevin Feige Confirms Deadpool 3 Will be in the MCU and R-Rated

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool will officially join the MCU and that Deadpool 3 will keep its R-rating.

Deadpool 3 Happening At Marvel

According to reports, Marvel Studios are moving ahead with the third Deadpool movie. The movie will see Ryan Reynolds return as the "Merc with a Mouth" but will have two new writers.

Ryan Reynolds to Sign Biggest Deal in MCU History

Reports suggest that Ryan Reynolds is being offered the biggest deal in the MCU's 12-year history.

Rob Liefeld Shares Image of Deadpool Killing Mickey Mouse

Over the past couple of weeks, Deadpool co-creator, Rob Liefeld, has been increasingly vocal that Disney doesn't have any plans for a Deadpool 3...

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