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Spider-Man Spin-Off Dusk Reportedly in Development

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Following the success of 2018’s Venom, it’s no surprise that Sony is hard at work trying to develop new projects for its Marvel universe. This year will see two new films added to the SPUMC with the release of Jared Leto’s Morbius, which has now been delayed to October, and Venom’s sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage in June.

Last year, we heard rumours of female-led films being in development, most notably Spider-Women which is reportedly being written and directed by Olivia Wilde. It’s also been suggested that Sony is looking into a live-action Silk series, which could find a home on Amazon Prime.

The Illuminerdi reports that Sony is developing a movie based on the comic character Dusk. The article states that there is “no timeframe for release or any talent attached” to the project.

The character Dusk first appeared in 1998’s Spider-Man #90 when Spider-Man travelled to the Negative Zone and helped a group of rebels battle the tyrannical Blastaar. Shortly after his arrival, the rebel leader was killed and the Dusk suit and name was passed to Spider-Man. When he returned to the normal universe, he donned the suit for a short time, before it eventually found its way to Cassie St. Commons in 1998’s Slingers #0.

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When Common’s wears the suit, it gives her the abilities of teleportation and manipulating shadows to form objects or construct solid dark energy. She can also regenerate damaged tissue and has a clairvoyant ability to sense teammates and know when they are in trouble.

With Sony seemingly eager to add more female characters to the SPUMC, it’s most likely that it will be Cassie St. Commons’ version of Dusk that will be introduced. We’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more.

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