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Spider-Man Set Photo Teases Cap’s Shield Belongs to Statue of Liberty

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Several of Marvel Studios’ MCU phase four projects are wrapping filming and one of the most highly anticipated of these is Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie is set to release this year and if rumours are true we will see every man and his dog star in the film. The latest news from the blockbuster reveals an image from the set that will get fans excited.

A new image from what remains of the Spider-Man: No Way Home set indicates that the Statue of Liberty may play a part in the movie.

A still-constructed set-piece shows a bus stop with a poster of the Statue of Liberty holding the classic Captain America shield, and the text “Meet NYC’s Newest (and tallest) Avenger” and the social media hashtag #MyLibertyAvenger.

The image can be seen here:

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Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse has confirmed this is in fact a set-piece and will act as the backdrop for a KEY scene in the Tom Holland film.

Exactly how the Statue of Liberty and Captain America’s shield will play into the movie is unknown and we will have to wait until the film is released in December to find out.

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