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Ryan Reynolds Reveals that Deadpool 3 Was Going to be a Roadtrip Movie with Wolverine

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In a recent interview to promote WandaVision‘s premiere on Disney+, Kevin Feige revealed that Wade Wilson will officially join the MCU and keep his R-rating in Deadpool 3. How Marvel Studios will manage to weave Deadpool into the MCU is at this point a mystery, but we do know that Ryan Reynolds is overseeing the script which is being written by sisters Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux.

The first two Deadpool movies were both critically-acclaimed box office smashes. Fox was keen to continue that success with a third release, however, those plans were eventually put on hold when Disney acquired Fox in 2019.

On Twitter, Ryan Reynolds yesterday teased fans with details of what might have been whilst Tweeting in support of #BellLetsTalk to help raise awareness for mental health. In his Tweet, the star revealed that Deadpool 3 would have featured a road trip team-up between Wade Wilson and Wolverine.

Reynolds also mentioned that the film would have been shot “Rashomon style”, which means the story would be told from each of their perspectives and would feature contradictory interpretations of the same events.

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Screen Rant covered the story shortly afterwards and tweeted the news with a caption stating Reynolds must be joking. However, Reynolds quickly followed up with a reply stating “I’m not.

With Marvel Studios set to bring the X-Men into the MCU at some point in the future, there is a chance that this crazy idea could still happen. If it did, there is little doubt in my mind that it would be side-splittingly funny. However, with Hugh Jackman’s death in Logan, it feels like this is one road trip we’ve missed out on.

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