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Report: WandaVision Will Have At Least Nine Episodes

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During the Avengers: Endgame premiere last year, Variety asked Elizabeth Olsen how many episodes of Disney+’s WandaVision will be released. The Scarlet Witch actor stopped short of revealing how many there will be but did state that it will be six hours long.

That left most fans assuming that we could probably expect the series to have six one-hour long episodes. A new report from Lizzie Hill of Murphy’s Multiverse suggests that WandaVision may actually have at least nine episodes.

The discovery was made while Lizzie was scouring the internet for interesting discoveries. On her latest trawl, she came across the résumé of a stuntperson that has listed an appearance in WandaVision (Ep. 109). Lizzie didn’t directly name the stuntperson in question, but she did provide the image below:

Through a bit of my own detective work, I was also able to find the same resume online and can confirm that the image above does match the info on there accurately.

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Whilst this may be a simple typo or a mistake, it could also mean that fans of Scarlet Witch and Vision will be treated to a longer series than originally expected.

WandaVision is currently scheduled to release on Disney+ in December of this year. Production for the Disney+ show was paused due to Covid-19 back in March, but recent reports have revealed that filming may resume in July.

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