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Report: Marvel Studios Will Only Show One Trailer at Super Bowl LV

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Speculation has been growing over the course of the past week as to which movie studios will be brave enough to show a trailer at this year’s Super Bowl. With the cost of a 30-second TV spot reportedly set to cost in the region of $5.5 million, it doesn’t make sense to promote a film that may easily be delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

A recent article from Deadline suggested that Disney will show between “two and four” trailers during Super Bowl LV. Trailers for Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Black Widow were indicated as the top candidates to appear.

A new leak on Reddit has revealed that Disney is planning to show just two trailers during this year’s Super Bowl. One for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier that will reportedly be shown during the second break of the first quarter. The second will be a 30-second spot for Disney+ that will be shown during the fourth quarter.

There is a 30-second FATWS spot in the 2nd break of the 1st Quarter, and a 30-second spot listed as “Disney+” in the 4th Quarter. The second one is likely just promotion for all the shows on the service, but should include a bit of Marvel stuff.

That’s it from Disney, besides a Raya trailer in one of the pregame shows. No Star Wars stuff. Not many movie trailers in general, aside from Universal–who have spots for Fast and Furious 9, Nobody, and Old–and Amazon with one spot for Coming to America 2.

Nothing from the SUMC, so no Spidey, Venom, or Morbius.

Unsurprisingly, the poster was met with scepticism by other users but offered to provide proof to a moderator of r/MarvelStudioSpoilers. The proof wasn’t shared publicly, but it was confirmed to be “legit” by a mod shortly after.

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