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Report: Daimon Hellstrom to be Rebooted in the MCU as Mephisto’s Son

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If you saw Helstrom on Hulu last year, you will be forgiven if you missed the fact that it was actually a Marvel TV series. The show was the final release under the Marvel Television banner but didn’t include any Marvel branding in any of its promotion. The show was officially cancelled in December of last year following a single season.

Whilst there aren’t any plans at Marvel Studios to bring the series back, a report from Mikey Sutton at Geekosity states that Marvel may be interested in rebooting the character Daimon Hellstrom as Mephisto‘s son.

According to insiders, while there has been no discussions about reviving or rebooting the series, the character of Daimon Hellstrom is another matter. With the impending arrival of the Devil himself, Mephisto, in the MCU, Feige wants to bring more supernatural characters from the shadows.

Whilst Mephisto hasn’t appeared in the MCU yet, Marvel’s version of the devil is heavily rumoured to appear in WandaVision. It is believed that Daimon Hellstrom will be “tweaked” from his comic book history to be Mephisto’s son, which would tie-in to his comic nickname as the “Son of Satan”. The report also reveals that there are plans to reboot Daimon’s sister, Satana, although Sutton didn’t provide any details on how she will be included.

Sutton went on to state that Tom Austen who played the role of Daimon in Helstrom won’t be recast. Sources revealed that Marvel Studios want a “more comic accurate” version of the character. “The Helstrom on Hulu came across like a pale version of DC’s John Constantine.”

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