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Production Dates Planned For Two More Disney+ Series

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As we edge ever closer to the release of Marvel’s first series for Disney+, we get an update on the plans for the final two projects for the streaming service. Moon Knight and She-Hulk both have planned production Dates.

Marvel Studios are working hard on the various projects that will launch on Disney+. WandaVision now has a confirmed release date of January 2021 while Falcon and the Winter Soldier has wrapped filming. Loki is now deep into filming, Ms. Marvel has started and Hawkeye is just getting underway.

News has come in from Charles Murphy stating that Moon Knight and She-Hulk will both start production in March 2021. Both series now have the lead roles with Oscar Isaac and Tatiana Maslany and will look to flesh out the rest of the cast over the coming weeks and months.

We have no other information confirmed for these 2 shows, except She-Hulk will be more of a comedy and Moon Knight taking on a more serious tone.

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Both of these projects are edging closer to production starting and the studio is setting its eyes on a Nick Fury led show. There also rumours of other projects like Agents of S.W.O.R.D.

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