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Paul Bettany Reveals Some WandaVision Fan Theories are Incredibly Accurate

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Despite binge-watching series now becoming the new normal, Marvel Studios and Disney decided to go down a more traditional route with the weekly release schedule for WandaVision. That has left some fans frustrated that they can’t immediately find out what happens next. For others, however, the weekly break between episodes provides them with the opportunity to dissect each episode and discuss theories with friends.

In a new interview with Marvel.com, Paul Bettany, who plays Vision in WandaVision, has described how much he is enjoying reading the fan theories online, and how some of them are “incredibly accurate”.

I’m loving it. I’m loving it being disseminated to the fans. And I love how frustrated they are of not being able to see it all in one fix. I love reading their theories of what might happen. And some of them are incredibly accurate, actually. I keep thinking, “Marvel should give that person a job.”

It’s been a whole lot of fun watching them go through this. I mean, I know they’ve been waiting a long time. So, have we.

Bettany was then asked about if he knew what way happening with WandaVision, as other actors have revealed that they were kept in the dark about a lot details:

Well, right away, no. Kevin Feige’s pitch was very abstract and much more about feelings and [what the] big, grand ideas [were] about—and, indeed, sitcoms.

So [Kevin] pitched this idea. It was sort of a bonkers mashup between two ideas with sitcoms thrown in. It just felt so crazy. I wanted to be a part of it. But yes, very early on, I understood where it was. I knew where it was going.

And it was always exciting. It was like Christmas day. Frankly, that’s what the rollout has been for each of the episodes. It feels like Christmas day every Friday. You get to see people’s reactions and stuff, you know, real people’s reactions. I don’t read reviews. But it is lovely to see the fan reactions.

Episode 5 of WandaVision ended with a huge cliff-hanger. If you’d like to find out some behind the scenes info about Wanda and Visions surprise visitor, be sure to check out the recent interview with head writer Jac Schaeffer.

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Episode 6 of WandaVision releases on Disney+ this Friday.

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