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Paul Bettany on Future of the MCU

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After the recent release of the official WandaVision trailer, fans are clamouring for more news and updates on what is in store for the MCU. They are dissecting the trailer looking for clues or hints as to what the upcoming series could set up for future movies. But actor Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, has revealed some info.

The series which will air on the Disney+ streaming service is looking like it will be a major event in the MCU timeline. If the series doesn’t take a trippy dive into the multiverse then I’m sure that the Doctor Strange sequel will do.

Actor, film-maker, and all-round legend Kevin Smith took to Twitter, to share his excitement over the trailer release, stating:

As a kid who bought the Vision & the Scarlet Witch comic book mini-series in the ’80s, I’m so ready for this!

Paul Bettany was quick to reply with a tantalizing comment that just gets us thinking even more.

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While this doesn’t give much away it does get us thinking about what could be in store in the upcoming phases of the MCU. Could we see some crazy alternate versions of our current or past heroes? Could we see villains that turn out to be heroes?

WandaVision is due for release in December 2020.

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