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Oscar Isaac in New Moon Knight Training Video

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Oscar Isaac is known primarily for his role as Poe Dameron in the Star Wars franchise. The role was fairly action-based, but with his casting as Moon Knight, aka Marc Spector, his athleticism will be pushed to the limits.

In a video released recently, we saw Isaac in training for the role. This got fans quite excited as he is performing hand to combat and making it look relatively easy. This is something that will be required for his role as Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac’s production company, Mad Gene Media, took to Instagram to share a new video of Isaac’s training for the imminent production of Moon Knight. The full video can be seen below.

Between this video and the previous one, it is safe to say Isaac is putting a lot of effort into the role. Isaac’s will be starring in the series with Ethan Hawke who will be playing an unknown villain.

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Moon Knight is a billionaire vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder who is often compared to DC’s Batman. Not much is known of the plot of the series.

Filming is planned to start soon in Budapest Hungary and the series will land on Disney+ some time in 2022.

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