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Oscar Isaac in Fight Training for Moon Knight

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News for the Disney+ series Moon Knight hasn’t been plentiful so far but what we have had, has been awesome. We have Oscar Isaac playing the lead role of Moon Knight and Ethan Hawke playing an unknown villain. The latest info we have is that Oscar Isaac is in training currently for the role.

The role of Marc Spector (Moon Knight) is unusual, but an interesting one. The character is often compared to DC’s Batman as they are both millionaires, incredible detectives and use similar kinds of weapons. There is also plenty about the two that is nothing alike. Spector for a start suffers from multi-personality disorder. One thing though will be certain with the role of Moon Knight, it will be physical. The character is an ex-marine turned mercenary who uses his wealth to fund his vigilante night work.

With such a physical character there is no surprise that Oscar Isaac is in fight training currently to prepare him for the role. The news comes courtesy of Mad Gene Media who shared a video to their Instagram account showing Isaac’s going through some stunt/fight training.

The above video should put to bed any doubts that Isaac’s will not be capable of pulling of the required level of action. Add to the fact that he has the acting ability and pulling power to get Ethan Hawke on the project then we could really be in for a treat when the series hits Disney+.

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