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New Hawkeye Set Photo Shows Echo Actress Alaqua Cox on Set

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Hawkeye is currently filming in Atlanta and is scheduled to release on Disney+ later this year. In addition to Jeremy Renner who will return as Clint Barton, the series will also introduce new characters to the MCU including Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop and Echo portrayed by Alaqua Cox.

Echo, whose real name is Maya Lopez, is a deaf Native American superhero that was introduced in 1999’s Daredevil #9. She is an Olympic level athlete and has the ability to mimic other people’s fighting style thanks to her photographic reflexes.

A recent report revealed that Marvel Studios are currently developing a spinoff series based on Echo for Disney+. The series is still in early development, but Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen are reportedly attached to the project to write and executive produce the series alongside Marvel Studios.

When news of Alaqua Cox’s casting was reported, we saw a distant image of the star on set wearing a face mask. Cox has revealed a closer picture of herself on the Hawkeye set on her Instagram profile. Her Instagram profile is currently set to private, but the image was shared by Reddit user Tajul92 on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit.

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It is not yet know how big Cox’s role will be in Hawkeye. Considering there are nearly four months between the two photos of her on set, it may be that her role is bigger than many expected.

Hawkeye is set to release later this year on Disney+.

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