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New Characters Confirmed for WandaVision

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There is much anticipation over the new MCU shows being released on the streaming service Disney+. The first of these will be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, followed by WandaVision. While we recently had a look at who some of the new characters in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be, let’s do the same with WandaVision.

Who is Coming?

The first of the confirmed characters are not actually a new character to the MCU. You will recognize Darcy Lewis from Thor and Thor: The Dark World. Kat Dennings will be reprising her role but in what capacity we are currently unsure.

Another actor returning is Ant-Man and the Wasp’s, detective Jimmy Woo, played by Randall Park. With the series introducing security agency S.W.O.R.D we can imagine he may have something to do with that.

The next character we have met before but was played by a different actress. Akira Akbar played the part of Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel, but the role will be played by Teyonah Parris. In the comics, she was Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers so we may see her develop into some sort of superhero during the course of the series, in preparation for Captain Marvel 2.

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The next actress in the list is Kathryn Hahn. Hahn will be taking on the role of Agatha Harkness, who will act as a mentor of sorts to Wanda. Agatha Harkness was one of the original witches of Salem who somehow survived. There is a rumour that she may become one of the series villains but I guess we will have to wait and see.

There was also a recent report that Evan Peters has a role in the series. Exactly what that role is, is still to be confirmed. It will be unlikely that he will be reprising his role of Quicksilver from his X-Men but he could be playing Wanda and Visions child Speed…

WandaVision Villain?

The final character is not confirmed but is really doing the rounds and would be great to be introduced here. That character is Mephisto. Mephisto is essentially Marvel’s version of the Devil. He has superhuman physical attributes and intelligence along with immortality and magic.

Mephisto is rumoured to be the series villain and would help develop the mystical side of the MCU. He has ties in with many characters of the MCU including the Silver Surfer and Ghost rider, both of which are rumoured to join the MCU in the future.

Exactly how these characters will help develop the show we will have to wait and see but as always we will keep you updated with any more news or rumours.

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  1. Lashana Lynch played the role of MARIA Rambeau: Monica’s mother.
    She & Teyonah Parris, who is Monica/Photon, are playing two different people.

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