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New Cast Members Confirmed for Iron Man 2

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With the mounting excitement for the upcoming Marvel releases, fans seem to be on the edge of their seats awaiting more gossip. The latest for Iron Man 2, is that we have 2 new actors confirmed for the movie.

First is ex-boxer, Mickey Rourke. The Sin City actor certainly has a physical presence that will likely play a great counterpart to Iron Man.

Second is Sam Rockwell. His supporting role in Green Mile was a superb show of acting. His role as yet is unclear but he is most likely going to be playing Justin Hammer.

The rumors of the plot revolve around the comic book story arc “Armor Wars”. This story arc was centered on Hammer and saw Stark going around the world destroying copies of his suit. He faced several villains and we think Rourke could be playing on of these known as Crimson Dynamo.

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With casting still in progress we could see more of the villains from the series like the Beetle, the Controller, Titanium Man, or even Stilt-Man. Guess we will find out next year when the film is due for release.

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