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New BTS Images From Black Widow

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It feels like forever since we last had a theatrical release in the MCU and it still feels uncertain if we will get Black Widow in May as planned. Luckily we have had Disney+ and WandaVision to fall back on for our MCU fix. We have also had multiple teases and reveals for the upcoming Black Widow and today offers us even more.

Twitter user @ImAFilmEditor, has released several behind the scenes images from the upcoming Black Widow solo movie. These images give a closer look at Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson along with the film’s villain Taskmaster.

Some of these images are incredible and really help build some hype for the movie. Red Guardian played by David Harbour looks amazing but more impressive is Taskmaster.

If you are unfamiliar with the character we suggest you check out our video below which will give you an insight. it’s uncertain if the MCU will go down the same route as the comics, but considering the clear camera in his helmet, they may change it up a little.

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Black Widow is currently scheduled to release theatrically on May 7th. The latest update from Bob Chapek revealed that Disney is still planning for a May release in cinemas.

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