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Natalie Portman Looking Buff on Set of Thor: Love and Thunder

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After the delays to the industry last year, the MCU has hit the ground running in 2021. With a schedule for the year that is packed with content for both the Disney+ streaming service and theatrical releases, the news is just pouring in.

While some projects are complete and just waiting to release in Marvel’s latest release schedule, there are many projects at various stages of production. One of these projects is Taikia Waititi’s, Thor: Love and Thunder which is currently filming in Australia. We have already had images of some of the sets along with what appears to be another play telling the story of Thor, and also images of Valkyrie and some giant goats

The latest images released from the set show Natalie Portman who is returning to the role of Jane Foster. Portman will be joining the familiar cast of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson along with newcomer Christian Bale who is playing the movie’s villain, Gorr the God Butcher.

The latest images show Portman, who’s character will take on the mantle of The Mighty Thor, looking absolutely buff. I mean she would make most gym-goers jealous of her guns. While we have seen Chris Hemsworth getting bigger, there has been little mention about Portman’s training regime but whatever she is doing, she has earned the title of Mighty Thor.

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These images show Portman on the set and are really getting fans excited to see her take on the role. We were also treated to a video (which can be seen below) which appears to show Portman’s stunt double having some sort of seizure while being suspended in the air.

We are assuming this may be the point where she is possibly gaining her powers, what do you think?

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