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Ms. Marvel Support Character Confirmed?

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On the back of the recent news that the directors have been confirmed for the Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel, it now appears that we have confirmation for one of the supporting cast.

This news comes from Jeremy Conrad over at MCU Cosmic who picked up a Reddit comment, that possibly confirms one of the support characters. The discussion (printed below) shows someone auditioned months ago for the role of Red Dagger.

As this person did audition, their Reddit handle has been blocked out to protect their identity.

Red Dagger is a crime fighter from Pakistan who moved to America in an exchange student program. He is an expert marksman with throwing knives and also a potential love interest of the lead role Kamala Khan.

Ms. Marvel is scheduled for release after the Hawkeye series and should be hitting the streaming service around late 2021, but after the recent delays may be early 2022.

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