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Morena Baccarin Hasn’t Been Approached to Reprise Her Role for Deadpool 3

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Morena Baccarin, who played Wade Wilson’s girlfriend Vanessa in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, has revealed that she has had “no conversations” about reprising her role for Deadpool 3.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Couch Surfing, Baccarin was asked if she will have a larger role in Deadpool 3 than she did in Deadpool 2.

Apparently, they’re still writing it. I genuinely don’t know. I have not been asked, or approached. There’s been no conversations yet, so I’m waiting with bated breath.

If she does receive the call, however, Baccarin is hopeful that the role will be “as big as possible.” She is under no illusions that Ryan Reynolds portrayal of the Merc with the Mouth “will always be the lead”, although she added, “I would love to be right by his side.”

When asked about shooting the first Deadpool movie, Baccarin also revealed how much she enjoyed the experience.

[Deadpool was] one of the best times of my life. It was so fun to be on that set, and it was creative, and fulfilling, and enjoyable all around. [Reynolds] is the best person to work with, and so sweet, and so damn funny it hurts.

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Recently Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has stated that he doesn’t think we’ll see a third Deadpool movie for at least five years. After purchasing Fox for $71.3 billion, it’s hard to imagine that Disney and Marvel will want to wait that long to bring the character to the big screen.

You can watch the full interview below:

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