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Moon Knight Filming Update

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Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is expanding exponentially with the huge roster of releases that are in the pipeline. The studio had many projects that are at various stages of development and one of those highly anticipated projects is Moon Knight.

There have been several rumours going around about the project, and one of these was that filming would begin around March this year. Thanks to a posting on productionlist.com we now have a confirmed update on when filming will begin, along with a synopsis and some crew member news.

This posting starts out stating that filming will commence 1st March 2021 and will film in the following locations:
Atlanta, GA, United States
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Budapest, Hungary

It also adds the following synopsis:

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Marc Spector is a mercenary who is left for dead in the Egyptian desert. Helpless before the statue of Khonshu, Spector’s heart stops. Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, appears to him in a vision, offering Spector a second chance at life if he becomes the god’s avatar on Earth. Spector awakens, wraps himself in the silver shroud that covers Khonshu’s statue.

There are no production or casting company details, but it does have the following crew members listed:

Mohamed Diab (Director)
Kevin Feige (Producer)
Jeremy Slater (Producer)
Grant Curtis (Line Producer)
Beau DeMayo (Writer)
Jeremy Slater (Writer)
Jack Kirby (Writer)
Stan Lee (Writer)
Doug Moench (Writer)
Gregory Middleton (Cinematographer)
Sarah Finn (Casting Director)

One surprise here for me is the absence of Oscar Isaac who will be playing the titular character, Moon Knight. We also recently heard that Ethan Hawke had signed on to play the villain.

I’m sure as we draw closer to the start of filming we will get more updates on this project.

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