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Miles Morales Coming To MCU?

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While the big screen has seen several incarnations of Spider-Man, they have all been based on the Peter Parker version. Parker is not the only version of Spider-Man available though, and fans have been clamouring to see Miles Morales, the star of the Sony animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Over the last month, there have been several announcements regarding the cast of the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie. These include the return of Jamie Foxx as Electro and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. There have also been several rumours like the return of both previous Peter Parkers, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Other rumours include the appearance of several Spider-Man villains, and it appears that the only person not rumoured to appear … is me …

This latest rumour comes from industry insider Jeremy Conrad at MCU Cosmic. Conrad says he has a reliable source, who says Marvel Studios have “Found” there Miles Morales. Unfortunately, there is no hint at who this actor could be.

Miles Morales in the MCU

Miles Morales has already been referenced (albeit indirectly) in the MCU. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the criminal that Parker questions about The Vulture, was Aaron Davis who was portrayed by Donald Glover. Aaron Davis is the uncle of Miles Morales and during the scene mentions he has a nephew who lives in the neighbourhood. There was even a deleted scene where he called his nephew on the phone.

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While this is still a rumour, it will be amazing if it is true. With the suggestion of a live-action Spider-Verse being set up, this would be great if pulled off. As we hear more on this we will let you know.

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