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Mephisto in the MCU?

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With all the news coming out about the upcoming MCU projects, and the possible connection they have to a wider multiverse inside Marvel, let us take a look at one of these possibilities that may happen sooner than fans would have guessed. This is a character we have seen before in a couple of Marvel movies. Of course, I am talking about the Marvel devil himself, Mephisto.

His debut into Marvel Comics happened in December 1968 in the comic The Silver Surfer #3. His theatrical debut wasn’t until 2007, however. Peter Fonda played the part of Mephisto in the film Ghost Rider. Since then, Mephisto was played by Ciarán Hinds in 2011’s Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. As these have been the only two theatrical appearances of Mephisto to date, fans have been hoping to see the character in the MCU. The announcement about Disney+’s original series, WandaVision has fueled that hope.

When fans heard that WandaVision was going to involve types of reality-bending, and possibly reality-breaking, powers from Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), Mephisto was the first to come to mind for a lot of fans. Also, when we saw Wanda and Vision holding two children, possibly Wiccan and Speed, those suspicions of Mephisto being in the series grew even more. Mephisto played a role in how she had her first two children, Tommy and Billy, in the first place. 

How Tommy and Billy were created plays into how Mephisto is involved. Wanda used two soul fragments from Master Pandemonium which turned into her infant children. After a bit though, Mephisto absorbed those fragments back into himself, and the children along with it. This is what drove Wanda insane, and possibly what we could see in WandaVision. In the events afterwards, a witch by the name of Agatha Harkness wiped Wanda’s memory of her two children. Agatha did this instead of trying to rescue the children after learning whose soul fragments they were born from. It has been theorized that Agnes in WandaVison is actually Agatha Harkness herself.

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Not only do fans speculate of Mephisto’s involvement in WandaVision, but since the new trailer came out for Disney+’s Loki, sharp-eyed viewers began to suspect some involvement, or an appearance, by Mephisto. The moment in question is at timestamp 01:57 in the new Loki trailer. It shows Owen Wilson’s character, Mobius M. Mobius, being handed something by an unknown character. In the background on the stained glass, you can see a devil-like figure that resembles Mephisto.

While we will have to wait until May of 2021 to see if Mephisto is involved in Loki, we will not have to wait as long to see how WandaVision plays out. The first of the MCU series, WandaVision, will premiere on Disney+ on January 15th, 2021.

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