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MCU Phase Four Leaks Update

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We previously shared a 4Chan thread that listed a series of leaks for every upcoming MCU project. As with all leaks, we take them with a pinch of salt. As we draw near to the end of the second project on the list, let’s take a look at how this one turned out.


Now we do have to say that if you haven’t seen WandaVision or The Falcon and the Winter Soldier then we advise that you don’t read any further to avoid potential spoilers.


WandaVision launched on Disney+ in January and ran for 9 episodes. It saw Wanda and Vision living the perfect suburban life through a series of sitcom styled episodes. Below we have listed the “leaks”. Our comments are highlighted in bold.

  1. I was told it would be 9 x 40-minute episodes. (This turned out to be incorrect. Most were shorter than this but the final 2 episodes were slightly longer)
  2. Features Aaron Taylor Johnson as QuickSilver for 2 episodes. I was told one will be a flashback scene and another where he is a neighbour to Wanda. I was told he is still dead. (He appeared in flashbacks but not as a neighbour.)
  3. Expect a lot of cameos regarding sitcom legends like Debra Jo Rupp in the first trailer. (There were a few cameos but I wouldn’t say a lot…)
  4. A few more surprise cameos regarding characters on the scale of a Darcy or Jimmy Woo. (These were the only cameos on this scale)
  5. Has a small dance number and a magic show. (This one wasn’t true. We had the magic show but no dance number)
  6. Monica Rambeau has a surprisingly prominent role and she gets her powers sometime in the show. (Became a major character and gained her powers becoming Photon/Spectrum)
  7. Each episode is split going between SWORD stuff outside the bubble and Westview Wanda stuff. (This was true from the 3rd episode onwards)
  8. Hulkling has a small role with SWORD here and sets up Young Avengers with Wiccan and Speed. (Not true. We never saw Hulkling in this at all.)
  9. I was told that Vision will not show up again past this show. (Yet to see if this is true.)
  10. Evan Peters will be only in 1-2 episodes as a big villain in this. Not sure who. My guess is from what I have heard either Mephisto or Nightmare. I’ve heard that they may even combine the characters. (Evan Peters was in a few episodes but his true intention wasn’t revealed until the last episode when it was revealed… He wasn’t the villain.)
  11. Doctor Strange appears sometime in the final episode. (This had been going around for a while and was almost considered a fact, but did not happen)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier follows the adventures of Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) as they trek the globe in an adventure that will test their abilities and patience.

  1. 6 hour-long episodes. (Is 6 episodes but as of episode 5 only 1 has reached an hour long.)
  2. Will be the show with the most logistical pieces of the post-snap world. (This is true so far but still lots to see from future projects.)
  3. Sharon and Bucky will have a romantic spark. (There is still 1 episode left but this hasn’t happened and I can’t see it happening.)
  4. Bucky and Sam each have their own villain they deal with. Sam is dealing with John Walker (US AGENT) and his group including Lamar Hoskins. Bucky is dealing with Zemo. (Kind of true although they are dealing with both together.)
  5. Zemo is more of a side antagonist and even an anti-hero/villain. (This is true.)
  6. The main villain of the show isn’t in the show a lot but it’s Flag-Smasher. (Not true. Flag Smasher is more the group than a particular character and features fairly heavily. May have got confused with the Power Broker?)
  7. Erin Kellyman’s character is Songbird and she works for Flag-Smasher. (Kellyman is playing the leader of the Flag Smashers so this is incorrect.)
  8. Thunderbolt Ross will appear throughout this. (Still time in the final episode but has not appeared once yet.)
  9. More familiar faces will return in small-minor roles. (This is true. We have seen Rhodey.)
  10. Will feature Sam’s family. (True.)
  11. There are so many surprises in store in this series regarding a certain type of human and a virus… (This has featured Super Humans heavily and the Virus was cut from the show due to the Coronavirus pandemic so would have been true.)
  12. NO Old Man Steve Rodgers Cameo tho it was a very real possibility at one point in time. (So far this is true.)

From what we have seen so far this is a mixed bag. Some have come to pass but others haven’t. We will see what happens with the final episode of TFatWS and then Loki and see how the rest of the “leaks” turn out.

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