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MCU Actor Praises Eternals Performance of Barry Keoghan

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Marvel’s Eternals movie is a big risk for the studio. It will introduce the world to one of the more obscure superhero teams from the comics. That could also have been said about Guardians of the Galaxy. They were another relatively unknown team until they hit the big screen in 2014 and were well met by fans who clamoured for a second movie.

After recent comments about Eternals described it as “one of the best ever” fans are getting more and more excited for its release.

Eternals will see an all-star cast take on the roles of a race of immortal superhumans who have shaped the history of Earth through the directions of a God-like race known as the Celestials.

Brian Tyree Henry who will play Phastos in the movie recently spoke out to the YouTube channel Joe.ie, about fellow actor Barry Keoghan’s performance as fellow Eternal and villain, Druig.

Barry and I got very close filming. He is so incredible, and just one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. He is just there to play and have fun.

And, ‘know, he is truly, truly a masterclass already. To be so young, he is already, he is locked in, but he is also willing to learn.

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Barry Keoghan himself responded to the interview on Twitter showing his love to his co-star.

Eternals will now hit cinemas in November this year and we are still to see a trailer. Not much is known of the plot of the movie but as we hear more we will as always keep you informed.

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