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Marvel’s Eternals Production Update

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We still know very little about Marvel’s Eternals, but the anticipation for the movie is at an all-time high. Director Chloe Zhao described the project as a “big risk” for the studio, but Marvel boss Kevin Feige said the pitch for the film was the “best he ever heard“. Actor Brian Tyree Henry piled heaps of praise on his co-star Barry Keoghan, describing his acting as a masterclass.

The original movie synopsis was released early last year but the majority of details we have seen so far have come from various merchandise leaks. These leaks have given us the best look at the villains and heroes, while we still wait for official images and video.

In a recent interview with Sundance Collab, Dylan Tichenor, the film’s editor, reveals that Eternals is still in the editing stages. Tichenor also spoke about director Chloe Zhao’s part in the editing process.

I am [working] right now [with] Chloe [Zhao]. Chloe edits her movies and she has strong opinions. But she also wants to know everything I’m thinking, and frankly, we did the whole first cut without much input from her in terms of takes or this or that. And she just watched it. And the things that she wants to tweak, we tweak. But by and large, she has really relied on our experience and our point of view. That’s why we’re hired, you know, for our creativity and our experience. And sense of humor. But I think that makes the best result.

While Chloe Zhao clearly has an image of what she wants the end result to be she obviously has faith in the experience and talents of those around her. With an initial edit done we will hopefully be treated to some official images and maybe even a teaser trailer.

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Marvel’s Eternals is set to release on 5th November this year.

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