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Latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table Details Upcoming Beta and Reveals Hawkeye

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The second War Table stream for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game has provided us with details of what to expect in the beta. The stream also gave us a look at Hawkeye, which will be available as post-launch content.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta will run for four weekends. The first weekend begins on August 7th when PlayStation players that have pre-ordered the game will have access. The developers have promised that the beta will be fill of content, and will include a mix of single-player and co-op missions, four heroes, and customisation options.

What will you be playing come BETA day? We built the Marvel’s Avengers BETA to give you a slice of the full game experience: single-player content from the original campaign, co-op War Zone missions, hero and world progress, and even more! Check out our Beta Deep Dive Video for the scoop.  

Hero progression is one of Marvel’s Avengers main systems, and the BETA gives a taste of earning experience to level up your unique Hero. In the BETA, you’ll have access to the starting Skill page for Iron Man, Hulk, Kamala, and Black Widow. You can reach up to a Hero Level of 15 and a Power Level of 45 in the BETA.  

You can also unlock two exclusive Nameplates for participating in the Marvel’s Avengers BETA, which will be carried over to launch. Other progress – such as story progress, gear, and character leveling, will not be carried over to the final game. However, your progress will carry over between weekends! Still have BETA questions? Check out our FAQ for more information!   

You can watch the full Marvel’s Avengers July War Table stream below:

Also announced during the stream was the inclusion of Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye. Hawkeye will be released as post-launch campaign, that can be played in co-op or solo. The developer’s revealed that an as yet unnamed villain will be released in the “in-depth story mission”.

A ton of work goes into new heroes. Like the core six heroes, all future characters will have custom move sets and combos, Skills, Gear, Heroics, outfits, emotes, and name plates. From a gameplay and cosmetic standpoint, we’ve drawn on over eight decades of Marvel history.   

Clint Barton is no exception. Our team revisited their favorite comic arc at the beginning of any hero concept process, including Writer Matt Fraction and Artist David Aja’s “My Life as A Weapon.” Below you can see concept art from one of his alternative outfits, drawn from the aforementioned My Life as A Weapon comic.  

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For a recap of the first Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, you can check out our summary here: Marvel’s Avengers War Table Stream Reveals MODOK and Shares New Gameplay.

Marvel’s Avengers will release on September 4th for Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The game will also be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Players who purchase a PS4 or Xbox One version of the game will get a next-gen upgrade for free.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta begins on August 7th and will run each weekend until August 21st. For details on how you can take part, check out the full info here: Marvel’s Avengers Beta Dates Revealed, Second War Table Stream Announced.

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