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Marvel Studios Reportedly Eyeing Shia LaBeouf for X-Men Role

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Marvel Studios are reportedly eager to work with actor Shia LaBeouf in the reboot of X-Men. The star has been linked with playing Moon Knight in the Disney+ series. However, it is now believed that Marvel wants LaBeouf to play Iceman.

The report comes via a trusted source of We Got This Covered. The source claims that Marvel wants LaBeouf to return to big-budget movies again after switching his attention to indie films. The insider also added that Marvel Studios want LeBeouf to play Iceman in the X-Men reboot “having watched his recent resurgence with great interest.”

According to We Got This Covered’s intel, Shia LaBeouf is still under consideration for the Moon Knight role, although is no longer viewed as “one of the top choices”. Marvel is still interested in working with LaBeouf, however, and a role in the X-Men is viewed as a way of “easing” the star back into the world of blockbuster movies after he’d previously sworn off them.

There’s been no word from LaBeouf on the rumours and a new X-Men film is still yet to be announced by Marvel Studios. If the two parties can agree to work together, however, a secondary role in an X-Men film would be a good way keep the pressure off the actor and potentially expand the role in future movies if everything goes to plan.

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