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Marvel Studios Concept Artist Shares Full Image of Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop

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In December, a documentary titled Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe released on Disney+. Part of the documentary gave fans the opportunity to see some of the shows that are planned to release on the streaming platform in the future. When looking at Hawkeye, we got a glimpse of some concept art for Kate Bishop’s character.

It turns out that one of the images was only partially shown. Earlier today, Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park has shared the full image. The reveal comes from Park’s Twitter account with the image showing Kate Bishop in her comic-inspired outfit and carrying her trusty bow.

I hear some people are having MCU withdrawals. I feel ya. Waiting is tough I know! Here’s a little something- a concept design illustration I did for the upcoming Hawkeye @disneyplus

show. This was seen on the “Expanding the Universe” featurette on Disney+

You can view the image in all of its glory below.

With production for Hawkeye set to begin in a few months, we’re still waiting for an official casting announcement. Recent rumours state that Hailee Steinfeld will portray Kate Bishop in the series.

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The Hawkeye series will help to shape the future of the MCU, as we’ll see Kate Bishop train with Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye before taking on the mantle herself.

Hawkeye is reportedly scheduled to begin filming in October.

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